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Our KAPAP Self Defence classes are for anybody looking to better protect yourself and your loved ones.

The KAPAP concept is relatively easy to learn, and is very effective as a self-defence system for men & women.

It utilises gross motor movements as its foundation, combined with testing in scenario-based drills, and training against resisting partners.
More about survival, less about choreographed moves.

Authorised by the official KAPAP Academy LLC (www.kapapacademy.com)


  • Krav Panim El Panim is Hebrew for face to face combat.
  • It is a combat system of defensive tactics, hand to hand combat and self defence concepts.
  • Based on the KAPAP fight tactics originating in the 1940’s.  Used by the Palmach (Jewish Strike Brigades) forces fighting for the independence of the State of Israel. These Palmach units later formed the core of Israel’s special units in the conventional military (IDF).
  • KAPAP is represented in more than 20 countries with local instructors certified by KAPAP Academy LLC,
    KAPAP Academy Victoria is an officially authorised training centre.


Classes and seminars can be customised for the audience; protecting yourself, teaching children to defend themselves, women’s classes, and self defence fitness classes.

KAPAP Self Defence classes

Fit & Safe Self Defence Fitness classes

Adaptable and always up to date

With combined efforts and continuous research in this field, Albert and other instructors worldwide have been upgrading and perfecting the concept. It has aided personnel in law enforcement, military and the security sector worldwide.

KAPAP ACADEMY LLC was founded by Albert Timen who served in one of Israel’s elite Counter Terror units. Over years of constant research in this field, he and other Instructors have modified, upgraded and systemised one of the most advanced Reality Based Self Defence and Personal Protection programs to fit the legal aspects of lawful Self defence, as well as becoming accepted by Law Enforcement, Military, and Security operators worldwide.

Advantages of KAPAP and KAPAP Impact classes
  • Learn survival techniques
  • Scenarios based on realistic situations
  • Doesn’t rely on you being attacked in a specific way
  • Doesn’t rely on your attacked being a particular size
  • Quickly assess: Use the room around you, attacker’s weaknesses.
  • Emphasis on survival: sometimes it’s not about defeating your attacker,
    knock them down and get out

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