Our KAPAP Academy certified trainers

Angelo Yannacaros

Owner and Head Trainer,
KAPAP Academy Victoria

In depth knowledge of the security industry and security threats worldwide, with a background in investigations, Close Personal Protection and anti-terrorism.

Angelo is also the Managing Director of Foenix Protection Services, powering KAPAP Academy Victoria.

Angelo has over 22 years experience within the Security and Close Personal Protection industries. He is a Licensed Boxing & Combat sports trainer, with over 30 years experience in martial arts including karate, kick-boxing and Thai boxing.

Angelo is also a Government certified personal trainer, and has trained closely with Albert Timen in Close Personal Protection.

Albert Timen

KAPAP Academy Master Instructor

Albert is in a class of his own as master instructor of KAPAP Academy, LLC and all Official KAPAP Academy Schools. He is a former elite counter-intelligence undercover unit member for the IDF as well as a former LOTAR and CQB instructor for various Israeli police S.W.A.T. schools.

Albert is one of only a few security operatives in the world to arrest a live suicide bomber: the bomber still had his explosive belt strapped on and was caught in the act of committing a bombing!  In his 20 years of operational experience, Albert trained Special Units in tactics and cross trained with the best operational units in the world.

Angelo’s Certifications/Qualifications

  • Became fully accredited and certified to teach the KAPAP concept in 2014
  • Accredited in Close Personal Protection and Security Guard/Crowd Control
  • Pistol Carry Course & Firearms Retention Training
  • Operation of debugging devices and detection of listening/surveillance
  • Close Quarter Combat Training
  • Counter-terrorism/Terrorism Course
  • Level 2 First Aid Certificate
  • Investigation & Surveillance
  • Bomb Lectures
  • Diploma of Security and Risk Management
  • Certificate IV in Investigative Services
  • Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training
  • Certificate III in Security Operations
  • Pro-Active Security Threat Assessment & Predictive Profiling Workshop

Albert’s Certifications/Qualifications:

  • Military, Law Enforcement, Governmental Experience and Certifications:
  • Kapap Academy Master Instructor
  • Israeli Combat Point Shooting Master Instructor
  • Certified Lotar Instructor by the Counter Terrorsim School of the IDF
  • Certified Hagana Atzmit / Defensive Tactics Instructor by the Israeli Police
  • Certified EMT in the Israeli Army (IDF)
  • Certified Shooting Instructor by the Israeli Government
  • Certified Range Safety Officer by the NRA
  • Police Sharpshooter – Israel National Police Academy
  • Master Firearms Instructor – Israel National Police/Ministry of Interior
  • Range Master – Israel National Police/Ministry of Interior
  • Counter Terror and CQB/C Instructor – Israel Police Academy
  • Former SABRE OC Law Enforcement Instructor
  • NRA Instructor – Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun

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