KAPAP Self Defence Classes

Engage with an intensive self-defence workout

Authorised KAPAP Training Centre

We are an officially affiliated training centre for KAPAP Academy LLC.

We offer weekly self defense training classes in Spotswood, Victoria AU.

Our Self Defence classes are for anybody looking to better protect themselves and their loved ones.

The KAPAP concept is relatively easy to learn, and is very effective as a self-defence system for men & women.

It utilises gross motor movements as its foundation, combined with testing in scenario-based drills, and training against resisting partners.

Not your usual self-defence class

The KAPAP system is ever-changing and evolving.  The tactics and techniques are gathered from various fighting styles such as; Muay Tai, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Western boxing as well as military and police tactics and techniques.

This is not an MMA school or traditional Martial Arts dojo.  The KAPAP self defense techniques you will learn are simple but very effective for self-defense purposes, and are really meant for survival.

In addition to learning to defend yourself, you’ll improve your overall physical fitness (its a great workout),  and learn about situational awareness and other critical self-defense concepts like how to detect and avoid a confrontation in the first place.

Absolutely no prior self-defense training is required to join us.  With KAPAP there’s no-nonsense, no BS, and its easy to learn.
Men and women of any age can immediately benefit.

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No fine print.  No BS.  We welcome everyone to join our regular training sessions.

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