KAPAP Impact

Self defence with a workout twist

KAPAP Impact self defence classes

KAPAP Impact is an effective, simple, practical, realistic and well-rounded Self-defence technique system mixed with fitness, strength and cardio training. In an all-in-one session.

  • We use live scenarios and pressure training rather than patterns and repetition.
  • Trained techniques against actively resistant opponents, you put what you’re learning to the test.
  • This all in one class for both men and women allows you to feel confident in your defence abilities whilst getting fit.
  • You will develop awareness and reflexive movements and train to react in the midst of stress and adrenaline.
  • Muscle memorisation, reflex development, ability to adjust to environment, and fitness are key components.

Fitness, Fun, Flexibility

Classes offered as bookable seminars where we come to you, or hosted by us in our new KAPAP Academy Victoria training centre in Spotswood, just 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD.


A specialised workout combining fitness, defensive techniques in a fun, energetic environment. Based on the unbeatable reality-based KAPAP Self Defence concept.

Custom Classes & Workshops

Customised self-defence classes/workshops available. Can be catered to corporate sessions for workplaces, Women’s refuges, child-safety sessions and safety awareness events.

The ultimate self-defence workout

Weekly specialised classes aimed at empowering you to feel confident and safe, with the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones

  • Classes available at our new Spotswood address, managed by Govt certified personal trainer Angelo.
  • Not all battles are equal, learn to use your size as an advantage, no matter your size or shape.
  • Learn to use everyday items you may have within reach (e.g. a perfume to the eyes may subdue an attacker) to help defend yourself.
  • The sessions incorporate fitness activities, helping to improve health and well-being while teaching safety awareness.

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Class synopsis

Brief Introductions
  • What are you looking to get out of the class?
  • Situations or locations that cause anxiety/fear?
Safety awareness
  • Get to know the environments you enter every day.
  • What can you use to defend yourself?
  • How can you escape?

designed to simulate real danger are played out with different results

  • Actions and reactions broken down into steps
  • Students replicate what they have learnt.
  • Various ways to fight back are explored
  • Understand your weaknesses, if you can’t fight back, know your way out.
  • Escape plan – get out of the situation
  • Highlight different kinds of attack from different angles.

Advantages of KAPAP Impact classes

Based on the self defence concept of KAPAP

  • Build confidence. Feel secure enough in your own safety to catch that train, or walk home without fear.
  • Reality based training prepares you for danger in the real world.
  • Learn how to protect yourself, even if it’s just long enough to escape.
  • Know your surroundings, use it against your attacker.

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