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KAPAP Impact fitness self-defence classes

Defend Yourself

A reality-based combat system of defensive tactics, hand to hand combat and self defence concepts.
KAPAP Self Defence Classes

What is KAPAP?

 The Ultimate Self-Defence Combat Concept

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KAPAP Academy Victoria

Reality-based self defence. Evolved

What is KAPAP?

Krav Panim El Panim is the basis of our instruction. It is a combat system of defensive tactics, hand to hand combat and self defense concepts. It is simple to learn but very effective. Represented in more than 20 countries with local instructors certified by KAPAP Academy.

Reality Based Training

A unique training methodology, with an emphasis on real-world application. We don’t have ranks, katas, or masters. No uniforms or tests. Practical, reality-based survival techniques.

KAPAP Impact!

Based on the self defence concept of KAPAP, KAPAP Impact classes are a fun, energetic fitness self-defence combo. Great for boosting strength, self-confidence and fitness.

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